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Technical Modelling

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Display Models and Technical Modelling

Construvision is your specialist for architecture and exhibition model construction. We develop and manufacture tailor-made models for you using the latest rapid prototyping techniques such as 3D plotter, CNC milling machine or laser cutter. Since we see ourselves as a one-stop service provider, we can take over all work steps for you, from data preparation to delivery and assembly of the finished model. We manufacture professional models for you according to your needs:

•  architectural models
•  city models
•  product models
•  exhibition models
•  competition models
•  experimental models for the wind tunnel
•  replicas and reconstructions
•  interactive models for museums
•  touch models for the blind
•  design models and prototypes
•  functional models of all kinds
•  sculptures and busts according to 3D data
•  cut and relief models
•  terrain models according to geodata
•  weatherproof models for outdoor use
•  3D printing
•  CNC milled parts
•  laser cutting and engraving
•  parts production in plastic, wood and metal
•  mold making for casting and deep-drawing models
•  and much more.
Nachbearbeitung von gefrästen Modellteilen aus Necuron

Competent Consulting

Before a model can be created, it is necessary to carefully consider which material and which manufacturing techniques are to be used. We will be happy to advise you in detail on design questions and the many possibilities of technical modelling in order to find the best and most economical solution for your project together with you.

From Planning to Delivery

As a full-service partner, we can offer you all the necessary work steps, from the creation and preparation of plans or 3D data to the delivery and installation of the models.

State-of-the-Art Manufacturing

In our workshop, we naturally use the most modern CNC milling and laser as well as classic craftsmanship. Depending on the model requirements, we process a wide range of materials, from wood-based materials, metal and acrylic glass to a variety of technical plastics such as polycarbonate, Necuron, POM, PVC and PEEK. It is the combination of the latest computer and manufacturing technology, craftsmanship and attention to detail with which we create exceptional models for our customers.

We Train

We are a training company for technical modelling recognized by the Chamber of Crafts. Since 2016, we have been training our own specialists in the field of display modelling. A further training place for the profession of lighting and advertising technician is currently being planned.

Our Work

Here you will find a small selection of our work in the field of model making:

Model Iron XXL

In the Deutsches Bergbaumuseum Bochum

Model of the Fortress Oberhaus Passau

Castle model made of Necuron and Plexiglas

Terrain Model TrÜPl Baumholder

With lighting elements made of Plexiglas

Surface Replica

Reproduction of a sandstone surface

City Model Kaiserslautern

with new shopping mall in the city centre

Church Model of the Speyer Cathedral

Interactive model made of wood

Model of Nanstein Castle

Reconstruction of the medieval castle

Terrain Model Albula Railway Bergün

Topography milled according to geodata

City Model for a Competition

For a town planning competition

Terrain Model According to Geodata

For interactive front projection

Medieval Cargo Sailing Boat

Historical reconstruction

Crest Stone of the Guelphs

Replica of a sandstone crest

Model of a Screw Anchor

Milled from model making plastic

Product Models for Trade Fairs

CNC milled from plastic

Architectural Models

for architects and builders


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